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Standard search Word index search Word pair index search
obstacle - documents that contain word obstacle angio - words, containing the string angio cardi* * - word pairs, starting with cardi
carpal and canal - records containing carpal and canal be=anatom* - words, starting with anatom * anatomy - second word is anatomy
pr=furlan - author's surname is Furlan therap and (psi or psy) - words, related to psychotherapy emerg* p* - emergency patient, physician
on%>300 - original title over 300 characters be=hyper* and be=*y - hyperactivity, hypersensitivity ... surg* *ent - surgical treatment ...

data fields

Standard search mode data fields (quick search fields are marked with an *):

ababstract     ikcorporate name     lksecond corporate name     srresearcher code
avauthor     im*name     natitle     st*number of pages
bnbibliographical level     is*ISSN     on*original title     tidocument type
cicobiss id     it*temporary ISSN     opremarks     uldocument source URL
ctcobiss type     ivauthor's ID in the deta base     pdparent_docid     urURL (doi)
de*MeSH descriptors     izSlovenian abstract     pi*surname, first letter of the name     u1secondary URL
drcountry of publication     jaabstract language     pn*translated title     vlrole
dvdate of entry     jd*document language     po*subtitle     vnentered by
d1*descriptors 1     je*languages     pr*surname     vocontent labels
d2*descriptors 2     ji*abstract language     pv*key words     vu*volume
hnhierarchical level     jpkey word language     rcrecord     za*publisher
iaID of superior data record     ki*publication place     re*journal     zmfrozen number of authorsv
ib*ISBN     k1meeting's serial number     rfreferences     zsserial number
id*document ID     k2meeting place     sanumber of authors     zv*tome
igglossary name     k3meeting year     siinstitution code       
ijedition     le*year     sksecondary corporate name       

search modes

Seach expression has a general form
operand   logical operator   operand   logical operator ..., where logical operator can be
           and, can be also written as an & symbol, and
           or, can also be used as a comma (,).
And is performed first, followed by or. To change this priority order, use parentheses.

Operand is composed as:   data field label   relational operator   value.

Relational operators are:
:     contains          !=   does not equal to         %<  field length less than
!:   does not contain         <  less than         %=   field length equal to
  equals to          >  more than          %>  field length more than

Search expression can be up to 200 characters long and the number of hits shown at the same time is 100.


about biomedicina slovenica

Biomedicina Slovenica (BS) is a Slovenian bibliographic data base for the field of biomedicine. From its beginning in 1976 it is being built by Institute for Biostatistics and Medical Informatics at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. It includes data from publications, published in Slovenia and publications by Slovenian authors, published abroad. All must be of substantional value and must also meet several additional criteria.

During the buildup of the database MEDLARS standards, as used by MEDLINE, the U.S. National Library of Medicine's (NLM) premier bibliographic database, are applied. In preparation of the documents in BS they are given English descriptors from the NLM's MeSH (Medical Subject Headings), hierarchically controlled vocabulary thesaurus. Up to 5 Slovenian descriptors 1, describing the most important aspects of the paper, are added, followed by up to 12 descriptors 2 for secondary topics. The precise meaning of the descriptors can be further clarified by additional words, qualifiers. If required additional terms are given, for concepts, not covered by MeSH.

Why Biomedicina Slovenica, if there are many other sources to look for medical information on the web, most notably Google? BS includes many specific data that have escaped international search services, it helps accomodate new findings from the field of medicine in Slovenian area and it shortens the time required to produce a comprehensive bibliography of individual researchers and of entire institutions. In recent years BS also evolved into a support tool for validatiom of research in Slovenian biomedicine.

Criteria for inclusion

Biomedicina Slovenica collects data from Slovenian scientific and technical publications in biomedicine. Therefore the following criteria are used for inclusion into BS: authorship, relevance for biomedicine and the quality of the document. Authorship: publications of the authors that work and/or live in Slovenia, and of the authors either of Slovenian origin or Slovenian citizens that live and work abroad. Regardless of the authorship articles, published in Slovenian journals and contributions from congress and conference proceedings taking place on Slovenian soil, and in monographs, published here, are included. Doctoral dissertations, master's theses and the like, from Slovenian universities, are also included.

Due to medical affiliation the following papers are included without standard selection: doctoral and master's theses from Faculties of Medicine in Ljubljana and Maribor, Veterinary Faculty in Ljubljana and Faculty of Health Studies, also in Ljubljana. The same is valid for the publications of members of Faculties of Medicine in Ljubljana and Maribor, as well as: members of major health institutions, articles in Slovenian biomedical journals, other papers, published in Slovenia and related to the field of biomedicine, i. e. medicine, stomatology, veterinary medicine, biology and their basic sciences.

According to importance of contents the documents in BS are classified into: monographs, proceedings and yearbooks, research reports, dissertations, articles in Slovenian and foreign journals, book chapters, individual papers from proceedings, jubilees, obituaries and interviews ... Abstracts, published in journals, cited by the Science Citation Index, and published in proceedings since 1997, are also included.

Due to minor significance and ephemerality of contents, reports from congresses and symposia, book reviews, reports from meetings of societies and the like are not included.

How to update an incomplete bibliography? Do it through COBISS, Slovenian Co-operative Online Bibliographic System and Services. Institute for Biostatistics and Medical Informatics is a member of COBISS since 1997. So bibliographies of scholars from the field of biomedicine are also available through COBISS (its COBIB service) since that date.


The page posted on June 21, 2010. Date of last change: November 17, 2021. Biomedicina Slovenica includes data on 217.512 publications from 1922 to 2021. Please send comments to: