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  1. Jančar N; Vrtačnik-Bokal E; Šinkovec J; Kocjan BJ; Poljak M
    Distribution of HPV genotypes in women with cervical cancer in Slovenia and genomic variants of HPV 16, HPV 18 and HPV 33
  2. Anonymous ;
    Cervical cancer prevention: 20 years of progress an a path to the future: women against cancer (WACC) forum. Final program and abstracts of the 9th international multidisciplinary congress EUROGIN; 2010 Feb 17-20; Monte Carlo
  3. Briand Frederic
    CIESM 2008. The Messinian salinity crisis from mega-deposits to microbiology - a consensus report no 33 in CIESM workshop monographs; 2007 Nov 7-10; Almeria
  4. Gunde-Cimerman Nina; Butinar Lorena; Zalar Polona
    Fungi in hypersaline environmenta - from brine to microbial mats
  5. Babič DZ; Poljak M; Seme K; Tomažič J; Vidmar L
    Molecular epidemiology of HIV-1 subtypes based on analysis of pol sequences in Slovenia, 1996-2005
  6. Anonymous ;
    Programme and abstracts of the 4th European HIV drug resistance workshop. From basic science to clinical implications; 2006 Mar 29-31; Monte Carlo, Monaco
  7. Abdullaa JK; Al-Tawaria AA; Neubauer D
    Neurocysticercosis can even in Muslim areas contribute to considerable proportion of treatable seizure disorders in children
  8. Groleger-Sršen K; Vidmar G
    Are younger healthy siblings more able or just more independent?
  9. Evrard Philippe; Nguyen Gerard; Draon Lionel; Zribi Leila; Richelme Christian; Tardieu Marc
    Children with disabilities, progress for the quality of their life. EACD 2005 Monaco, 17th annual EACD conference; 2005 Nov 19-22; Monaco

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