biomedicina slovenica

vo="chick embryo" : 16

  1. Blacher Silvia; Devy Laetitia; Hlushchuk Ruslan; Larger Etienne; Lamande Noel; Burri Peter; Corvol Pierre; Djonov Valentin; Foidart Jean-Michael; Noeol Agnes
    Quantification of angiogenesis in the chicken chorioallantoic membrane (CAM)
  2. Sandau K; Kurz H
    A 2-D model for the growth of arteries
  3. Kos J; Dolinar M; Turk V
    Isolation and characterisation of chicken L- and H-kininogens and their interaction with chicken cysteine proteinases and papain
  4. Bode W; Musil D; Engh R; Huber R; Brzin J; Kos J; Turk V
    The 2.0 a x-ray crystal structure of chicken egg white cystatin and its probable interaction with papain
  5. Žerovnik E; Kos J; Turk V
    Solution structure and stability of cystatin; comparison of Ser and Gly - N terminated form
  6. Benčina D; Dorrer D; Tadina T
    Mycoplasma species isolated from six avian species
  7. Benčina D; Tadina T; Dorrer D
    Natural infection of ducks with Mycoplasma synoviae and Mycoplasma gallisepticum and Mycoplasma egg transmission
  8. Benčina D; Tadina T; Dorrer D
    Natural infection of geese with Mycoplasma gallisepticum and Mycoplasma synoviae and egg transmission of the mycoplasmas
  9. Lenarčič B; Kos J; Dolenc I; Lučovnik P; Križaj I; Turk V
    Cathepsin D inactivates cysteine proteinase inhibitors cystatins
  10. Šuput D; Abramič D; Zalar B; Demšar F
    The embryonic development of a chick embryo: MRI study
  11. Šuput D; Zalar B; Abramič D; Demšar F
    Embryionic development of vertebrates: MRI study
  12. Kubinova L; Zemanova Z
    Stereological analysis of tubular cells in normal and dilated chick mesonephric nephrons
  13. Shankar KR; Jaskoll TF; Melnick M
    Comparative 3-D views of normal and retinoic acid-treated neural crest in chick embryos
  14. Abadia-Molina F; Carmona R; Torres JC; Calvente R; Abadia-Fenoll F
    Prophase index and its influence in variation of mitotic time in the chick embryo retinal development
  15. Filipič B; Schauer P; Keše D; Likar M
    Effect of interferon on the phospholipids and cholesterol in nontransformed and transformed cells
  16. Vengušt A; Klemenc N; Žust J; Vospernik P
    Toksikološka ispitivanja toksina T-2 i diacetoksiscrirpenola na kokošijem embriju. (Toxicological examination of T-2 toxin and diacetoxyscirpenol on chicken embryo)

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