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  1. Batista Urška; Garvas Maja; Nemec Marjana; Schara Milan; Veranič Peter; Koklic Tilen
    Effects of different detachment procedures on viability, nitroxide reduction kinetics, and plasma membrane heterogeneity of V-79 cells
  2. Soriano Salvador; Chyung Abraham SC; Chen Xiaohua; Stokin Gorazd B; Lee Virginia MY; Koo Edward H
    Expression of beta-amyloid precursor protein-CD3gamma chimeras to demonstrate the selective generation of amyloid beta1-40 and amyloid beta1-42 peptides within secretory and endocytic compartments
  3. Perez Ruth G; Soriano Salvador; Hayes Jay D; Ostazewski Beth; Xia Weiming; Selkoe Dennis J; Chen Xiaohua; Stokin Gorazd B; Koo Edward H
    Mutagenesis identifies new signals for beta-amyloid precursor protein endocytosis, turnover, and the generation of secreted fragments, including Abeta42
  4. Rupnik Maja; Pabst Stefan; Rupnik Marjan; von Eichel-Streiber Christoph; Urlaub Henning; Soeling Hans-Dieter
    Characterization of the cleavage site and function of resulting cleavage fragments after limited proteolysis of Clostridium difficile toxin B (TcdB) by host cells
  5. Gerič Barbara
    Pogostost, virulenca in opis toksinskega lokusa PaLoc sevov bakterije Clostridium difficile z zapisom za binarni toksin
    [Incidence and virulence of binary toxin gene-positive strains of Clostridium difficile and characterization of their toxin locus PaLoc]
  6. Fournier M; Huang ZS; Li H; Da X; Čerček B; Lewis MI
    Insulin-like growth factor-I prevents corticosteroid-induced diaphragm muscle atrophy in emphysematous hamsters
  7. Fatur Tanja; Lah Tamara T; Filipič Metka
    Cadmium inhibits repair of UV-, methyl methanesulfonate- and N-methyl-N-nitrosourea-induced DNA damage in Chinese hamster ovary cells
  8. Zheng Yong-Hui; Plemenitaš Ana; Fielding Christopher J; Peterlin Matija B
    Nef increases the synthesis of and transports cholesterol to lipid rafts and HIV-1 progeny virions
  9. Kotnik Tadej; Miklavčič Damijan
    Theoretical evaluation of the distributed power dissipation in biological cells exposed to electric fields
  10. Pucihar Gorazd; Kotnik Tadej; Kandušer Maša; Miklavčič Damijan
    The influence of medium conductivity on electropermeabilization and survival of cells in vitro
  11. Kotnik Tadej; Miklavčič Damijan; Mir Luis L
    Cell membrane electropermeabilization by symmetrical bipolar rectangular pulses. Part 2. Reduced electrolytic contamination
  12. Kotnik Tadej; Maček-Lebar Alenka; Miklavčič Damijan; Mir Luis M
    Evaluation of cell membrane electropermeabilization by means of a nonpermeant cytotoxic agent
  13. Maček-Lebar Alenka; Serša Gregor; Kranjc Simona; Grošelj Alenka; Miklavčič Damijan
    Optimisation of pulse parameters in vitro for in vivo electrochemotherapy
  14. Fatur Tanja; Filipič Metka
    Cadmium induced DNA damage in human hepatoma (Hep G2) and Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cells
  15. Štaudohar Mojca; Benčina Mojca; Vondervoort Peter; van de Panneman Henk; Legiša Matic; Visser Jaap; Ruijter George JG
    Cyclic AMP-dependent protein kinase is involved in morphogenesis of Aspergillus niger
  16. Kopač Igor; Batista Urška; Cvetko Erika; Marion Ljubo
    Viability of fibroblasts in cell culture after treatment with different chemical retraction agents
  17. van Holten R; Autenrieth S; Boose JA; Bird R; Hsieh WT; Dolan S; Ciavarella D
    Removal of prion challenge from a human anti-D immunoglobulin preparation using a viresolve 180TM size exclusion filter
  18. Filipič Metka; Fatur Tanja; Lah Tamara T
    The use of comet assay and methoxyamine to study the contribution of BER to N-methyl-N-nitrosourea (MNU) induced DNA single strand breaks (ssb)
  19. Punkt Karla; Eržen Ida
    Changes of enzyme activities in the myocardium and skeletal muscle fibres of cardiomyopathic hamsters. A cytophotometrical study
  20. Plemenitaš Ana; Watson John A
    Down-regulation of mammalian 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl coenzyme A reductase activity with highly purified liposomal cholesterol
  21. Gaberšček Simona
    Vpliv litija na celični liniji FRTL-5 in CHO ter na humane ščitnične folikle "in vitro"
  22. Rupreht Ruth
    Uravnavanje aktivnosti HMGCoA reduktaze v sistemu semi-intaktnih celic CHO-215
  23. Maček-Lebar A; Kopitar NA; Ihan A; Serša G; Miklavčič D
    Significance of treatment energy in cell electropermeabilization
  24. Juntes Polona; Lindtner Renata; Pogačnik M
    Imunohistokemično dokazovanje leptospir v patološkem materialu
  25. Ho Tang; Maček-Lebar Alenka; Kandušer Maša; Serša Gregor; Miklavčič Damijan
    Effects of vinblastine on V79 cell survival and colony formation ability
  26. Kopač Igor; Batista Urška; Cvetko Erika; Marion Ljubo
    The effect of gingival retraction agents on fibroblast cell cultures
  27. Lerchl Alexander; Niehaus Michael
    Investigations on direct effects of 50HZ magnetic fields on hamster pineal gland melatonin production
  28. Punkt K; Krug H; Eržen I
    Change of metabolic profile in the different fibre types of normal and myopathic skeletal muscles during ageing
  29. Miklavčič Damijan; An Dongjian; Belehradek Jean Jr; Mir Lluis M
    Host's immune response in electrotherapy of murine tumors by direct current
  30. Knežević M; Hohenwarter O; Grabherr R; Blueml G; Predl R; Rueker F; Schmatz C; Filipič B; Raspor P; Katinger H
    Expression of recombinant human interleukin-2 in baby hamster kidney cells and cultivation on different carriers
  31. Rozman Damjana; Stroemstedt Maria; Waterman Michael R
    Human lanosterol 14-alpha-demethylase (CYP51): a multigene family including retropseudogenes
  32. Batista U; Miklavčič D; Šemrov D; Mir LM
    Effects of direct electric current on normal and transformed cell lines
  33. Rupreht R; Plemenitaš A
    Use of antibodies in the system of semi-intact cells
    [Uporaba protiteles v sistemu semi-intaktnih celic]
  34. Plemenitaš A
    Semi-intaktne celice: eksperimentalni model za študij metaboličnih procesov
    [Semi-intact cells, an experimentalmodel for the studies of metabolic processes]
  35. Batista Urška; Šentjurc Marjeta
    EPR study of the sea anemone cytolysin, equinatoxin II, cytotoxicity on V-79 cells
  36. Tušek T; Rupreht R; Plemenitaš A
    Effect of farnesol on 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl CoA reductase activity in semi-intact CHO-215 cells
  37. Gunde-Cimerman N; Plemenitaš A; Cimerman A
    A hydroxymethylglutaryl-CoA reductase inhibitor synthesized by yeasts
  38. Zec Ines
    Preiskus inhibicije Clostridium difficile z Lactobacillus acidophilus LF221 v prebavilih hrčkov (Mesocricetus auratus)
    [Attempt to inhibit Clostridium difficile by Lactobacillus acidophilus LP221 in the intestines of hamsters (Mesocricetus auratus)]
  39. Kolenc-Krajnik A; Batista U; Križaj D
    Response of fibroblasts to low intensity direct and biphasic currents
  40. Batista U; Miklavčič D; Serša G
    The effect of low level dierct curent on V-79 cell line in vitro
  41. Peterlin B; Smahi A; Holvoet-Vermaut L; Heitz D; Dahl N; Hors-Cayla MC
    An irradiation-reduced hybrid panel for fine-structure mapping of the Xq28 region in the human genome
  42. Batista U; Jezernik K
    Morphological changes of V-79 cells after equinatoxin II treatment
  43. Gunde-Cimerman N; Plemenitaš A; Cimerman A
    Pleurotus fungi produce mevinolin, an inhibitor of HMG CoA reductase
  44. Plemenitaš A; Havel CM; Watson JA
    Sterol-mediated regulation of mevalonic acid synthesis
  45. Korbelik M; Suhar A; Osmak M; Škrk J; Turk V
    Dynamics of postirradiation intracellular cysteine and aspartic proteinases profiles in proliferating and nonproliferating mammalian cells
  46. Lunder T; Sterle M
    Monensin-induced changes of the Golgi apparatus and of Golgi vesicles of BHK-21 cells, with special emphasis on the alterations of Golgi coated vesicles
  47. Geiser M; Cruz-Orive LM; Im-Hof V; Gehr P
    Counting particles retained in the conducting airways of hamster lungs with the fractionator
  48. Batista U; Jezernik K; Maček P; Sedmak B
    Morphological evidence of cytotoxic and cytolytic activity of equinatoxin. II
  49. Korbelik M; Osmak M; Suhar A; Škrk J; Turk V; Petrović D
    Modification of potentially lethal damage repair by some intrinsic intra- and extracellular agents. I. Proteinases and proteinase inhibitors
  50. Korbelik M; Škrk J; Suhar A; Turk V
    The role of proteinases, interferons and hormones in proliferative activities of nonmalignant and malignant cells
  51. Osmak M; Korbelik M; Suhar A; Škrk J; Turk V
    The influence of capthepsin B and leupeptin on potentially lethal damage repair in mammalian cells
  52. Batista U; Maček P; Sedmak B
    The influence of equinatoxin II on V-79-379 cell line
  53. Zeintl H
    Accurate estimation of length density of partially orientated structures

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