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  1. Perutkova Šarka; Frank Mojca; Bohinc Klemen; Bobojevič Goran; Zelko Jasna; Rozman Blaž; Kralj-Iglič Veronika; Iglič Aleš
    Interaction between equally charged membrane surfaces mediated by positively and negatively charged macro-ions
  2. Grabnar I; Bogataj M; Belič A; Karba R; Mrhar A
    Kinetics of drug distribution in the urinary bladder wall following intravesical instillation: estimation by advanced compartmental diffusion model
  3. Burjak M; Bogataj M; Grabnar I; Mrhar A
    Modelling of drug release profiles from mucoadhesive microspheres adhered on urinary bladder mucosa: urodynamic model
  4. Zahger D; Fishbein MC; Grafinkel LI; Shah PK; Forrester JS; Regnstrom J; Yano J; Čerček B
    VCL, an antagonist of the platelet PG1b receptor, markedly inhibits adhesion and intimal thickening following balloon injury in the rat
  5. Gabrijelčič Jasmina; Acuna A; Profita M; Paterno A; Chung KF; Vignola AM; Rodriguez-Roisin R
    Neutrophil airway influx by platelet-activating factor in asthma: role of adhesion molecules and LTB4 expression
  6. Jevnikar P; Serša I; Sepe A; Jarh O; Funduk N
    Effect of surface coating on water migration into resin-modified glass ionomer cements: a magnetic resonance micro-imaging study
  7. Bogataj Marija; Mrhar Aleš
    Bioadhezivne farmacevtske oblike
    [Bioadhesive drug delivery systems]
  8. Bogataj M; Mrhar A; Korošec L
    Influence of physicochemical and biological parameters on drug release from microspheres adhered on vesical and intestinal mucosa
  9. Navinšek B; Panjan P; Krušič J
    Hard coatings on soft metallic substrates
  10. Bogataj Marija; Mrhar Aleš
  11. Martynenko LD; Kustev SI
    Electron-microscopic investigation of the surface structures and the adhesiveness of K. pneumoniae
  12. Bogataj M; Mrhar A; Korošec L
    Evaluation of bioadhesive properties of microspheres on isolated guinea pig vesical and intestinal mucosa
  13. Bogataj M; Mrhar A; Korošec L
    In vitro evaluation of bioadhesive properties of hydroxypropylcellulose and carboxymethylcellulose films and microspheres

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