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  1. Moller Kasper; Olsson Lisbeth; Piškur Jure
    Ability for anaerobic growth is not sufficient for development of the petite phenotype in Saccharomyces kluyveri
  2. Moller Kasper; Christensen Bjarke; Foerster Jochen; Piškur Jure; Nielsen Jens; Olsson Lisbeth
    Aerobic glucose metabolism of Saccharomyces kluyveri: growth, metabolite production, and quantification of metabolic fluxes
  3. Moller Kasper; Bro Christoffer; Piškur Jure; Nielsen Jens; Olsson Lisbeth
    Steady-state and transient-state analyses of aerobic fermentation in Saccharomyces kluyveri
  4. Gojković Z; Knecht W; Zameitat E; Warneboldt J; Coutelis JB; Pynyaha Y; Neuveglise C; Moller K; Loffler M; Piškur J
    Horizontal gene transfer promoted evolution of the ability to propagate under anaerobic conditions in yeasts
  5. Moller K; Langkjaer RB; Nielsen J; Piškur J; Olsson L
    Pyruvate decarboxylases from the petite-negative yeast Saccharomyces kluyveri
  6. Merico Annamaria; Sulo Pavol; Piškur Jure; Compagno Concetta
    Fermentative lifestyle in yeasts belonging to the Saccharomyces complex
  7. De Martino Sylvie Josiane; Sordet Christelle; Piemont Yves; Ružić-Sabljić Eva; Thaddee Vetter Marie; Monteil Henri; Sibilia Jean; Jaulhac Benoît
    Enhanced culture of Borrelia garinii and Borrelia afzelii strains on a solid BSK-based medium in anaerobic conditions
  8. Anonymous ;
    Anaerobe olympiad 2002. Abstract book of the 6th biennial congress of the anaerobe society of the Americas; 2002 Jun 29 - Jul 2; Park City
  9. Ciammaichella Rita A; Mekjavić Igor B
    The effect of nitrous oxide-induced narcosis on aerobic work performance
  10. Kuhar Irena; Žgur-Bertok Darja
    Transcription regulation of the colicin K cka gene reveals induction of colicin synthesis by differential responses to environmental signals

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