biomedicina slovenica


  1. Hovhannisyan Ara; Kastelic Andrej; Šegrec Nuša
    Setting the scene: drug use in prisons
  2. Rogovskaya Svetlana; Shabalova Irina P.; Mikheeva Irina Viktorovna; Poljak Mario
    Human papillomavirus prevalence and type-distribution, cervical cancer screening practices and current status of vaccination implementation in Russian Federation, the Western countries of the former Soviet Union, Caucasus region and Central Asia
  3. Bray Freddie; Lortet-Tieulent Joannie; Znaor Ariana; Brotons Maria; Poljak Mario; Arbyn Marc
    Patterns and trends in human papillomavirus-related diseases in Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia
  4. Mehle N; Brzin J; Boben J; Hren M; Frank J; Petrovič N; Gruden K; Dreo T; Žežlina I; Seljak G; Ravnikar M
    First report of Candidatus ohytoplasma mali in Prunus avium, P. armeniaca and P. domestica
  5. Anonymous ;
    NATO/CCMS pilot study. Evaluation of demonstrated and emerging technologies for the treatment of contaminated land and groundwater (phase III): 1999 annual report, number 235; 1999 May 9-14; Angers

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