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"BETAINE" : 12

  1. Battelino Saba; Gros Anton
    Vpliv pnevmatizacije mastoida na funkcionalni izid timpanoplastik tipa I
    [Influence of mastoid pneumatization on functional result of type I tympanoplasty]
  2. Byrne Anthony Robert; Šlejkovec Zdenka; Stijve T; Fay L; Gailer J; Irgolič K
    Arsenobetaine and other arsenic species in mushrooms
  3. Goessler Walter; Kuehnelt Doris; Schlagenhaufen Claudia; Šlejkovec Zdenka; Irgolič Kurt J
    Arsenobetaine and other arsenic compounds in the National research council of Canada certified reference materials DORM 1 and DORM 2
  4. Šlejkovec Zdenka; van Elteren Johannes T; Byrne Anthony R; de Goeij Jeroen JM
    Separation of radiolabelled arsenic compounds produced by neutron irradiation of organoarsenic compounds
  5. Šlejkovec Zdenka; van Elteren Johannes T; Woroniecka Urszula D
    Underestimation of the total arsenic concentration by hydride generation techniques as a consequence of the incomplete mineralization of arsenobetaine in acid digestion procedures
  6. Al-Tawari Asma A; Ramadan Dina G; Neubauer David; Cindro-Heberle Lada; Al-Awadi Fatema
    An early onset form of methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase deficiency: a report of a family from Kuwait
  7. Božič Mojca
    Kaj je homocistein?
    [What is homocysteine?]
  8. Valentinčič Tine
    Behavioral study of chemoreception in the sea star Marthasterias glacialis: structure-activity relationships of lactic acid, amino acids, and acetylcholine
  9. Kikelj Danijel; Neidlein Richard
    A convenient synthesis of 2-(1H-tetrazol-5-yl)-2-cyanoacetate betaines
  10. Neidlein Richard; Scheoeder Guenther; Krieger Claus; Kikelj Danijel
    Heterocyclen aus Bis(alkoxycarbonyl)keten-ethylen-acetalen (=Dialkyl-2-(1,3-dioxolan-2-yliden)propan-1,3-dioate). Synthese und Eigenschaften einer neuen Klasse von Pyrazolium-Betainen
  11. Šlejkovec Z; van Elteren JT; Byrne AR
    Chemical stability of arsenobetaine - consequences and challenges
  12. Stegnar Mojca; Božič Mojca
    Pomen homocisteina pri razvoju žilnih bolezni
    [The role of homocysteine in the development of vascular disease]

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