biomedicina slovenica


  1. Liu Qing; Majdi Mohammed; Cankar Katarina; Goedbloed Miriam; Charnikhova Tatsiana; Verstappen Francel WA; de Vos Ric CH; Beekwilder Jules; van der Krol Sander; Bouwmeester Harro J
    Reconstitution of the costunolide biosynthetic pathway in yeast and Nicotiana benthamiana
  2. Cankar Katarina; Beekwilder Jules; van Houwelingen Adele; Sonke Theo; Bosch Dirk; Bouwmeester Harro
    Functional characterization of chicory P450s involved in biosynthesis of bitter sesquiterpene lactones
  3. Kreft Samo
    Inulin proti zaprtosti
    [Inulin against constipation]

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