biomedicina slovenica


  1. Feigl Georg; Benkhadra Mehdi; Lenfant François; Trouilloud Pierre; Anderhuber Friedrich; Bonniaud Philippe; Fasel Jean H. D.; Nemetz Wolfgang
    Bronhoskopija in krikotirotomija: primerjava Thielove fiksirne metode z ostalimi metodami fiksacije in pri živih
    [Bronchoscopy and cricothyrotomy: results from cadavers embalmed with Thiel's method compared to other embalming methods and living objects]
  2. Božikov K; Shaw-Dunn J; Soutar DS; Arnež ZM
    Arterial anatomy of the lateral orbital and cheek region and arterial supply to the "peri-zygomatic perforator arteries" flap

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