biomedicina slovenica


  1. Torres-Camacho Gerardo; Lacaze Jacques
    Characterization of the cementite morphology during graphitization of cast irons
  2. Ščančar Janez; Milačič Radmila; Falnoga Ingrid; Čemažar Maja; Bukovec Peter
    Use of nitric acid in sample pretreatment for determination of trace elements in various biological samples by ETAAS
  3. Bantan Tjaša; Milačič Radmila; Pihlar Boris
    Quantitative determination of trace amounts of Al-citrate by anion-exchange FPLC-ETAAS
  4. Mitrović B; Milačič R; Pihlar B; Simončič P
    Speciation of trace amounts of aluminium in environmental samples by cation-exchange FPLC - ETAAS
  5. Osojnik A; Drglin T
    Comparison of graphite furnace - and hydride generation AAS for trace analysis of tin in steels and nickel alloys
  6. Dolinšek F; Štupar J; Vrščaj V
    Direct determination of cadmium and lead in geological and plant materials by electrothermal atomic absorption spectrometry
  7. Milačič R; Dolinšek F
    Determination of cadmium and lead in aerosols in the Zasavje region in Slovenia employing slurry electrothermal atomic absortption spectrometry
  8. Navinšek B; Peternel M; Žabkar A
    Surface morphology and ion erosion of Inconels and graphites

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