biomedicina slovenica


  1. Honzak Lidija; Šentjurc Marjeta; Swartz Harold M
    In vivo EPR of topical delivery of a hydrophilic substance encapsulated in multimellar liposomes applied to the skin of hairless and normal mice
  2. Swartz HM; Šentjurc M; Kocherginsky N
    Metabolism and distribution of nitroxides in vivo
  3. Swartz HM; Šentjurc M; Kocherginsky N
    Metabolism of nitroxides and their products in cells
  4. Šentjurc M
    Investigations of redox reactions in biological systems by EPR
  5. Demšar Franci; Kveder Marina; Rugelj Samo; Blinc Aleš; Šentjurc Marjeta; Pečar Slavko
    Hydroxylamines as oxygen-sensitive procontrast agents for in vivo magnetic resonance imaging
  6. Šentjurc M; Pečar S; Chen K; Wu M; Swartz H
    Cellular metabolism of proxyl nitroxides and hydroxylamines
  7. Šentjurc M; Mason RP
    Inhibition of radical adduct reduction and reoxidation of the corresponding hydroxylamines in in vivo spin trapping of carbon tetrachloride-derived radicals

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