Avtor/Urednik     Cerar, Tjaša; Ogrinc, Katarina; Lotrič-Furlan, Stanka; Kobal, Jan; Levičnik-Stezinar, Snežna; Strle, Franc; Ružić-Sabljić, Eva
Naslov     Diagnostic value of cytokines and chemokines in Lyme neuroborreliosis
Tip     članek
Leto izdaje     2013
ISSN     Clinical and vaccine immunology : CVI Med
Jezik     eng
Abstrakt     The aim of the present study was to assess concentrations of different cytokines and chemokines in serum and CSF of patients with Lyme neuroborreliosis, and to identify possible marker(s) that would enable distinction between clinically evident and suspected Lyme neuroborreliosis as well as between Lyme neuroborreliosis and tick-borne encephalitis (TBE). Our additional interest was to evaluate relationship between cytokine/chemokine concentrations and B. burgdorferi sensu lato isolation from CSF as well as intrathecal synthesis of specific borrelial antibodies.We found that higher concentrations of CXCL 13 and lower concentrations of IL-10 in sera were associated with higher odds for clinically evident Lyme neuroborreliosis in comparison to suspected Lyme neuroborreliosis as well as to TBE. CSF concentrations of IL-2, IL-5, IL-6, IL-10 and CXCL13 in the CSF were higher in patients with evident Lyme neuroborreliosis in comparison to those with suspected Lyme neuroborreliosis. Comparison of CSF cytokines and chemokines levels in patients with and without intrathecal synthesis of specific borrelial antibodies revealed that CXCL13 CSF concentration is significantly associated with intrathecal synthesis of borrelial antibodies. Comparison of cytokine and chemokine CSF concentrations in patients with clinically evident Lyme neuroborreliosis according to CSF culture result revealed that higher concentrations of IFN- were associated with lower odds for borrelia isolation.Although several differences in serum and CSF concentrations of various cytokines and chemokines between the groups were found, the distinctive power of the majority of these findings was low. Further research on well-defined groups of patients is needed to appraise their potential diagnostic usefulness.
Proste vsebinske oznake     cytokines
diagnostic value
Lyme neuroborreliosis
diagnostična vrednost
Lymska nevroborelioza