Avtor/Urednik     Strle, Franc; Lusa, Lara; Ružić-Sabljić, Eva; Maraspin-Čarman, Vera; Lotrič-Furlan, Stanka; Cimperman, Jože; Ogrinc, Katarina; Rojko, Tereza; Videčnik, Jerneja; Stupica, Daša
Naslov     Clinical characteristics associated with Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato skin culture results in patients with erythema migrans
Tip     članek
Vol. in št.     Letnik 8, št. 12
Leto izdaje     2013
ISSN     PloS one Med
Jezik     eng
Abstrakt     Clinical characteristics associated with isolation of Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato from skin have not been fully evaluated. To gain insight into predictors for a positive EM skin culture, we compared basic demographic, epidemiologic, and clinical data in 608 culture-proven and 501 culture-negative adult patients with solitary EM. A positive Borrelia spp. skin culture was associated with older age, a time interval of >2 days between tick bite and onset of the skin lesion, EM 5 cm in diameter, and location of the lesion on the extremities, whereas several other characteristics used as clinical case definition criteria for the diagnosis of EM (such as tick bite at the site of later EM, information on expansion of the skin lesion, central clearing) were not. A patient with a 15-cm EM lesion had almost 3-fold greater odds for a positive skin culture than patients with a 5-cm lesion. Patients with a free time interval between the tick bite and onset of EM had the same probability of a positive skin culture as those who did not recall a tick bite (OR=1.02); however, the two groups had >3-fold greater odds for EM positivity than patients who reported a tick bite with no interval between the bite and onset of the lesion. In conclusion, several yet not all clinical characteristics used in EM case definitions were associated with positive Borrelia spp. skin culture. The findings are limited to European patients with solitary EM caused predominantly by B. afzelii but may not be valid for other situations.
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Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato
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