Author/Editor     Bulc, T; Vrhovšek, D; Šajn-Slak, A
Title     The use of constructed wetland for wastewater treatment in sensitive areas
Type     članek
Source     J Water supply: Res Technol, AQUA Online
Publication year     2003
Volume     str. 1-7
Language     eng
Abstract     New environmental directives according to EU requirements have brought serious questions concerning wastewater treatment in Slovenia. Constructed vuetlands (CW) as an environment friendly technology are offering a cost-effective solution for decentralized wastewater treatment. The long-term performance from 1991 to 2001 of two CWs constructed in the sensitive areas is presented. The CW 1 in the Karst area was constructed with a hydraulic load of 2.6 cmd-1 for the treatment of wastewaters from food processing industry. The CW II in the mountain area was constructed for sewage of 350 PE, with a hydraulic load of 2.7 cm1. The GWs were composed of iwo or three beds with horimntal subsurface ftow (HSSF), filled with sand substrate and planted with Carex gracilis and Phragmites australis. The efficiency of the CWs performance was evaluated through mass reduction of COD, GODS, orthophosphate, and ammonia nitrogen. It evidently varied during the years of monitoring and reached on average for COD (86%, 94degrees`), for BODS (94%, 85%), for orthophosphate (78%, 86%), and for ammonia nitrogen (84%, 97%). Results proved that CWs are suitable for purifying wastewater from food processing industry and sewage from smaller settlements up to 1000 PE.
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