Author/Editor     Kokol, Peter; Mičetić-Turk, Dušanka; Blažun, Helena
Title     Integrating working experiences into nursing education with intelligent tools
Type     članek
Source     In: Global workforce development: defining, developing, and managing. 14th world conference on cooperative education; 2005 Jun 14-17; Massachusetts. Boston: World association for cooperative education,
Publication year     2005
Volume     str. 1-11
Language     eng
Abstract     Integrating working practical knowledge into the educational proces in which students must work with humans, like in nursing is very important. But this integration, as in many soft system, can be problematical due to limiting human factors. For example employed nureses are not willing to reveal their specialised knowledge, do not have time to communicate their knowledge, etc. Becouse of that some more "automatised" methods must be thought and some gaines for the "working side" must be integrated into the "knowledge exchage process". As a solution we propse the Intelligent eOn Distance Leraning Approach (in short IeODL) based on evidence based nursing and machine learning. The concept in short is as follows: the educational institution provides and maintaines the IeODL and eables the students and employed nurses to use it for both formal education and continous life-long learning. The working environment enables the educational institution to extract knowledge and experiences from the knowledge bases formed by evidence based nursing.
Descriptors     EDUCATION, NURSING