Author/Editor     Tomazin, Iztok
Title     Obravnava podhladitev na terenu - mraz ohranja in ubija
Translated title     On-site treatment of hypothermia
Type     članek
Source     In: Bručan A, Gričar M, Vajd R, editors. Urgentna medicina: izbrana poglavja. Zbornik 12. mednarodni simpozij o urgentni medicini; 2005 jun 15-18; Portorož. Ljubljana: Slovensko združenje za urgentno medicino,
Publication year     2005
Volume     str. 145-8
Language     slo
Abstract     Hypothermia exists when the body core temperature falls below 35°C. It is often misdiagnosed or not noticed in pre-hospital setting. It can occur also at temperatures above freezing, most endangered are trauma victims, elderly, children, drunkers, ill people. Classification: mild (32-35°C), medium( 28-32°C) and severe (below 28°C) hypothermias. With cooling of the body increases the number of potentially fatal complications, mostly cardiac arrithmias. On-site diagnostic is often difficult and requires more time. Circumstances, clinical signs, core temperature and ECG are necessary to take into account. Severe hypothermia and death can be hard to differentiate between, so death should not be confirmed until the patient has been rewarmed. Pre-hospital treatment goals of hypothermia victims are: retoring of thermal and metabolic balance, resuscitation if necessary, fast and gentle transport to appropriate hospital. There are some specifics: very careful handling of patient, active and passive rewarming, low efficacy of some resuscitation procedures, long resuscitation time ect.
Descriptors     HYPOTHERMIA