Author/Editor     Rudel, Drago; Bešter, Janez; Pustišek, Matevž
Title     Slovenski pilotni projekt "varnega doma"
Type     članek
Source     In: Zdravje na informacijski poti. Zbornik kongresa Slovenskega društva za medicinsko informatiko; 2006 apr 9-11; Zreče. Ljubljana: Slovensko društvo za medicinsko informatiko,
Publication year     2006
Volume     str. 144-51
Language     slo
Abstract     Smart houses are considered a good alternative for the independent life of persons with disabilities and older persons. Following numerous pilot projects of laboratory-like smart homes and sheltered housings in Europe, a national smart home is planed to be realized at the Rehabilitation Institute of Republic of Slovenia, Ljubljana. The Directorate for Information Society of the Ministry for Higher Education, Science and Technology of republic of Slovenia has been a coordinator of the activities. The smart home should serve as an educational, demonstrational, experimental, research & development environment for solutions to be a part of a "future home" in which no limits or disturbances are set even to a disabled or an elderly inhabitant. Disabled users, low vision, hearing impaired, cognitively impaired or aged people should find and test in the smart home a technical solution for overcoming their barriers in their living environment. An adequate technology and technical solution will then be transferred from the smart home to his/her living environment. All available solutions available at the srnart horne should follow elnclusion, eAccessibility, Design for-all, Ambient Assisted Giving, Ambient Intelligence and others principles and reguirements. This paper is aiming at promoting the initiative to attract all stakeholders to, participate from the early beginnings, particularly potential users and their representatives, their, formal and informal carers, community based homecare services, professionals in health and social care, representatives of local authorities, architects and builders.
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