Author/Editor     Felicijan, Ana
Title     Vpliv višinske aklimatizacije na mehanizem z mrazom izzvane vazodilatacije
Type     monografija
Place     Ljubljana
Publisher     Univerza v Ljubljani, Medicinska fakulteta
Publication year     2006
Volume     str. 75
Language     slo
Abstract     We evaluated the effect of high altitude acclimatization on the cold induced vasodilatation (CIVD) response, which is considered a protective mechanism against nonfreezing cold injury of peripheral tissues. We also investigated the effect of such local peripheral tissue cooling combined with high altitude acclimatization on skin temperature, core temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, and on the sensation of temperature and of thermal comfort. Subjects were assigned to two groups: an experimental group, which underwent high altitude acclimatization, and a control group. We tested the experimental group before and immediately after a high altitude Himalayan expedition. The control group was tested on the same occasions as the experimental group. The interval between both tests for both groups was 7 weeks. During each test, subjects immersed their hand in 37 °C water for 5 min, followed by a 30 min immersion of the hand to the styloid process in 10 °C water for 30 min. Upon completion of the hand immersion, the same procedure was followed for the foot. During the pre-heating and cold water immersion phases of the trials, we measured the temperature of the tips of all immersed digits, as well as skin temperature at four sites (arm, chest, thigh, calf), tympanic temperature, blood pressure and heart rate. The subjects provided ratings of thermal sensation and comfort on a numerical scale. From the responses of the temperature of the tips of the fingers and the toes, we determined the minimum (Tmin, (Tmin)) and maximum (Tmax, (Tmax)) temperatures, amplitude (deltaT, (deltaT), deltaTrec), mean finger skin temperature (Tmean), recovery temperature (Trec), onset time (delta t onset), peak time (delta t peak), frequency of CIVD (FCIVD) and the duration of the entire blood vessel opening - closing sequence (delta t CIVD). (Abstract truncated at 2000 characters)
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