Author/Editor     Jesenšek Papež, Breda; Palfy, Miroslav; Turk, Zmago
Title     Infrared thermography based on artificial intelligence for carpal tunnel syndrome diagnosis
Type     članek
Source     J Int Med Res
Vol. and No.     Letnik 36, št. 6
Publication year     2008
Volume     str. 1363-70
Language     eng
Abstract     Thermography for the measurement of surface temperatures is well known in industry, although is not established in medicine despite its safety, lack of pain and invasiveness, easy reproducibility, and low running costs. Promising results have been achieved in nerve entrapment syndromes, although thermography has never represented a real alternative to electromyography. Here an attempt is described to improve the diagnosis of carpal tunnel syndrome with thermography using a computer-based system employing artificial neural networks to analyse the images. Method reliability was tested on 112 images (depicting the dorsal and palmar sides of 26 healthy and 30 pathological hands), with the hand divided into 12 segments and compared relative to a reference. Palmar segments appeared to have no beneficial influence on classification outcome, whereas dorsal segments gave improved outcome with classification success rates near to or over 80%, and finger segments influenced by the median nerve appeared to be of greatest importance.These are preliminary results from a limited number of images and further research will be undertaken as our image database grows.
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