Author/Editor     Janaček, Jiri; Čebašek, Vita; Kubinova, Lucie; Ribarič, Samo; Eržen, Ida
Title     3D visualization and measurement of capillaries supplying metabolically different fiber types in the rat extensor digitorum longus muscle during denervation and reinnervation
Type     članek
Source     J Histochem Cytochem
Vol. and No.     Letnik 57, št. 5
Publication year     2009
Volume     str. 437-47
Language     eng
Abstract     The aim of this study was to determine whether capillarity in the denervated and reinnervated rat extensor digitorum longus muscle (EDL) is scaled by muscle fiber oxidative potential. We visualized capillaries adjacent to a metabolically defined fiber type and estimated capillarity of fibers with very high oxidative potential (O) vs fibers with very low oxidative potential (G). Capillaries and muscle fiber types were shown by a combined triple immunofluorescent technique and the histochemical method for NADH-tetrazolium reductase. Stacks of images were captured by a confocal microscope. Applying the Ellipse program, fibers were outlined, and the diameter, perimeter, cross-sectional area, length, surface area, and volume within the stack were calculated for both fiber types. Using the Tracer plug-in module, capillaries were traced within the three-dimensional (3D) volume, the length of capillaries adjacent to individual muscle fibers was measured, and the capillary length per fiber length (Lcap/Lfib), surface area (Lcap/Sfib), and volume (Lcap/Vfib) were calculated. Furthermore, capillaries and fibers of both types were visualized in 3D. In all experimental groups, O and G fibers significantly differed in girth, Lcap/Sfib, and Lcap/Vfib, but not in Lcap/Lfib. We conclude that capillarity in the EDL is scaled by muscle fiber size and not by muscle fiber oxidative potential.
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