Author/Editor     Rozman, Tamara; Dovč, Peter; Marić, Saša; Kokalj-Vokač, Nadja; Erjavec Škerget, Alenka; Rab, P.; Snoj, Aleš
Title     Evidence for two transferrin loci in the Salmo trutta genome
Type     članek
Source     Anim Genet
Vol. and No.     Letnik 39, št. 6
Publication year     2008
Volume     str. 577-85
Language     eng
Abstract     To determine the organization of transferrin (TF) locus in the Salmo trutta genome, partial DNA and cDNA sequencing, fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH) and Salmo salar BAC analysis were performed. TF exprerssion levels and copy number prediction were assessed using real-time PCR. In addition to two previously reported DNA TF variant sequences of S. trutta and Salmo marmoratus (TF1), two novel variant sequences (TF2) were revealed in both species. Variant-specific sequence tags, characterizing two variants for each TF type (TF1 and TF2), were identified in genomic clones from each of the TF1 hybrids between S. trutta and S. marmoratus. These clearly documented double heterozygote status at the TF loci. The real-time PCR data showed that each of the two TF types (TF1 and TF2) existed in one copy only and that the transcription of TF2 was considerably lower compared with TF1. Using FISH, hybridization signals were observed on two medium-sized acrocentric chromosomes of S. trutta karyotype. A TF type-specific PCR followed by a restriction analysis revealed the presence of two TF loci in the majority of analysed BAC clones. It was concluded that the TF gene is duplicated in the genome of S. trutta, and taht the two TF loci are located adjacent to one another on the same chromosome. The differing transcription levels of TF1 and TF2 appear to depend on the corresponding promoter activity, which at least for TF2 seems to vary between different Salmo congeners.