Author/Editor     Komadina, Radko; Wendt, Klaus; Holzer, Gerold; Kocjan, Tomaž
Title     Outcome parameters in orthogeriatric co-management - a mini-review
Type     članek
Vol. and No.     Letnik 128, št. suppl. 7
Publication year     2016
Volume     str. S492-S496
ISSN     Wiener klinische Wochenschrift Med
Language     eng
Abstract     Recognizing hip and other fragility fractures as an adverse event of chronic geriatric conditions led to the concept of orthogeriatric co-management (OGC). OGC today represents various forms of structural cooperation between orthopedic trauma surgeons and multiprofessional geriatric teams taking care of frail elderly patients. The models are country specific. Despite several published models there are still no clear recommendations on how this service should be best organized. The 12 outcome parameters published by the Experts' Roundtable in 2013 were recommended to be used for the further assessment of different OCG models. This literature review was prepared accordingly and showed the need for further studies to determine the best OGC model and to define a uniform set of outcome parameters for use in future clinical studies.
Descriptors     Hip fractures
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