Author/Editor     Eržen, Ida; Janáček, Jiří; Kreft, Marko; Kubínová, Lucie; Cvetko, Erika
Title     Capillary network morphometry of pig soleus muscle significantly changes in 24 hours after death
Type     članek
Publication year     2017
Volume     str. str.
ISSN     0022-1554 - The journal of histochemistry and cytochemistry : official journal of the Histochemistry Society
Language     eng
Abstract     Capillary network characteristics are invaluable for diagnostics of muscle diseases. Biopsy material is limited in size and mostly not accessible for intensive research. Therefore, especially in human tissue, studies are performed on autopsy material. To approach the problem whether it is reliable to deduce hypotheses from autopsy material to explain physiological and pathological processes, we studied capillarity in pig soleus muscle 1 and 24 hr after death. Capillaries and muscle fibers were immunofluorescently marked, and images were acquired with a confocal microscope. Characteristics of the capillary network were estimated by image analysis methods using several plugins of the Ellipse program. Twenty- four hours after death, the measured characteristics of the capillary network differ by up to 50% when compared with samples excised 1 hr after death. Muscle fiber diameter, the measured capillary length, and tortuosity were reduced, and capillary network became more anisotropic. The main postmortem change that affects capillaries is evidently geometric deformation of muscle tissue. In conclusion, when comparing results from biopsy samples with those from autopsy samples, the effect of postmortem changes on the measured parameters must be carefully considered.
Keywords     capillaries
confocal microscopy
image analysis
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