Author/Editor     Kraigher, Alenka; Turk, Karl
Title     Potovalna driska
Translated title     Traveler diarrhoea
Type     članek
Source     In: Reberšek-Gorišek J, editor. Črevesne okužbe. Zbornik predavanj Bedjaničev simpozij; 1997 jun 6-7; Maribor. Maribor: Splošna bolnišnica Maribor,
Publication year     1997
Volume     str. 185-92
Language     slo
Abstract     Traveler's Diarrhoea (TD) represents the main health problem of people traveling from developed to developing countries. Some epidemiological data suggest, that about 40% of travellers to Latin America, Africa and Asia suffer from TD within first 14 days of travelling. Major causes of TD are infections with various species of Bacteria, especially enterotoxigenic E. coli, Viruses an Prozoa. Most peoplegot infected via contaminated food or water. Raw fisth and meat, cold salads and sauces, unpeeled fruit, tape water are typical examples of socalled "unsafe" food. Clinical symptoms of TD depend of etiological agent which caused disease, immunological status of infected person, physicalcondition and other factors. TD is most often self limited disease, which lasts from 3-5 days. The most important in treatment of TD is replacement of lost water and electrolytes. In severe cases antibiotics and other drugs can be introduced. Counselling how to avoid or minimize risk of infection is the most efective measure for prvention of TD. Use of antibiotics for prevention of TD is of limited value and can be used only in special situations.
Descriptors     DIARRHEA