Author/Editor     Kmetec, A; Tepeš, B; Jurjec, D
Title     Vpliv vode Dolit-mg na sestavo seča pri bolnikih s kalcij oksalatno litiazo
Type     članek
Source     In: Lindič J, Kaplan-Pavlovčič S, editors. Zbornik prispevkov 1. slovenski nefrološki kongres z mednarodno udeležbo; 1996 okt 23-26; Portorož. Ljubljana: Klinični center, Nefrološka klinika,
Publication year     2000
Volume     str. 164-9
Language     slo
Abstract     In 75% of patients with renal stones, calcium oxalate lithiasis is determined. It is metabolic disease, where by 24 hours urine analysis, 60-70% of metabolic disorders can be confirmed before all those accelerating or inhibiting crystallization growth processes. During short time drinking mineral water Dolit-Mg by patients with recurrent calcium oxalate lithiasis and metabolic disorders in urine, we studied the influence on lithogenic factors and crystal growth inhibitors in urine. In the study we enrolled 27 patients with proven calcium oxalate lithiasis and metabolic disorders in 24 hours urine. During 14 days patients were instructed to drink 500 ml of mineral water per day in four daily portions. At beginning the study blood tests we analyzed, serum chemistry profile and analysis of 24 hour urine. At the study beginning, patients informed consent and approval by State ethic commission was acquired. At the study conclusion on 14 day we noticed a significant decrease in serum natrium and phosphate concentrations and increase in serum magnesium con centration. In 24 hour urine a significant increase in pH and decrease in calcium concentration were present so that relation calcium / magnesium diminished. We noticed also significant increase with indexes for citrate and magnesium in urine. On the basis of changes in urine composition after short time mineral drink Dolit - Mg consumption we can conclude a favorable effect on increase in lithiasis inhibitors concentration in urine and partially decrease in lithiasis promotors concentrations. These results conclude that we can expect lower calcium oxalate stones recurrence when drinking this mineral liquid, but further prolonged investigations should be done.
Descriptors     URINARY CALCULI