Author/Editor     Grošelj, C
Title     Data mining problems in medicine
Type     članek
Source     In: Kokol P, Stiglic B, Zorman M, et al, editors. Proceedings of the 15th IEEE symposium on computer-based medical systems (CBMS 2002); 2002 Jun 4-7; Maribor. Los Alamitos: Institute of electrical and electronics engineers,
Publication year     2002
Volume     str. 377-80
Language     eng
Abstract     The principle of any retrospective on patient data based investigation is searching the patients by problem or sign, but no name. With a proper, by problem encoded computer archived data base, the data mining process would be easy. One would need only input the request and get the proper data in short time. The medical archives frequently base on paper records only, with a patient name as entering key. To find the proper record in such archive, a detective strategy is needed. The process continues with collecting the usually enormous amount of papers, finding between them the appropriate records and finally encoding and arranging them in a table. The whole named process can be separated on patients, paper and data mining. Because of their dilatory, these phases can be the most time loosing part of an on-medical data based investigation. Author describes his data mining experience.
Descriptors     CORONARY DISEASE