biomedicina slovenica


  1. Goličnik Marko; Olguin Luis F; Feng Guoqiang; Baxter Nicola J; Waltho Jonathan P; Williams Nicholas H; Hollfelder Florian
    Kinetic analysis of beta-phosphoglucomutase and its inhibition by magnesium fluoride
  2. Baxter Nikola J; Olguin Luis F; Goličnik Marko; Feng Guoqiang; Hounslow Andrea M; Bermel Wolfgang; Blackburn Michael G; Hollfelder Florian; Waltho Jonathan P; Williams Nicholas H
    A Trojan horse transition state analogue generated by MgF3 formation in an enzyme active site
  3. Kozarić Z; Zobundžija M; Novak R
    Effect of acidosis on the histochemical activity of some enzymes in the mouse placenta
  4. Zobundžija M; Kozarić Z; Jakovac M; Makar G
    Some morphohistochemical observations on the wild pig's amnionic epithelium

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